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Club Board Meeting - 6:30pm


Club Meeting at Richmaid Restaurant - 6:30pm

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club officers 2014

  • President
    • Jason Pritchard, KE5JTS
  • Vice President
    • Bob Schuldeisz, K6DGQ
  • Treasurer
    • Doug Mercer, KJ6OFK
  • Secretary
    • Jim Seiferling, WB6BET
  • Repeater Trustee
    • Fred Coe, WB6ASU
  • Net Director
    • Ron Simpson, N6GKJ
  • Sergant at Arms
    • Ron Simpson, N6GKJ
  • Technical Committee
    • Fred Coe, WB6ASU
    • Ron Simpson, N6GKJ
    • Eric Handel, KD6MOO
    • Jason Pritchard, KE5JTS


The Purpose of Lodi Amateur Radio Club is for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss, learn and grow our knowledge of HAM radio and spread that love of knowledge to others and to be ready in the event of an emergency to be the communication center when normal communication channels are not available.

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We do operate weekly Ham Radio Nets that meet every Wednesday Night starting at 7:00pm. They include 2 Meters, 10 Meters and soon to be reactivated on 6 Meters.
The 10 Meter Net begins at the close of the 2 Meter Net and the time does vary

The Club meets on a monthly basis the FIRST Thursday of each month from 6:30pm at the Richmaid Restaurant...check the LATEST NEWS for details. Non-members are welcome to join us at our monthly meeting to learn more about us and bring input on meeting topics.

The Club Board meets the LAST Monday of the month at 6:00pm to discuss club business

mission statement

Learn everything we can about HAM radio theory, knowledge, practical applications, techniques, history and the future and then pass that information on to others so that they may do the same. We do this for fun, learning and to be ready in the event of a disaster to respond to it by aiding emergency services with communication.

Field Day

Our club is active and we enjoy improving and practicing our skills. We hold weekly NETS and of course host Field Day each year. We also provide support communications for such events as walk-a-thons, Boy Scouts, Street Fairs and others. Events often require lots of people and we are glad to help other organizations with their events. Field Day is also a great excuse to come and BBQ. Food, fun and radios are the norm. Check out our photo gallery for the evidence.